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No Code Required! With rbitbot, you will have

Indicator Bot/Order

Supports trading with MA, EMA, DEMA, RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD. Configure the bot buy and sell conditions with technical indicators and Indicator Bot will handle the rest.

Smart Trading

Give conditional orders triggerred with price and technical indicators. Enjoy stop loss, trailing stop loss, stop-limit order, take profit, trailing take profit, and OCO Order.

Grid Bot

Give buy and sell orders in fixed price intervals to profit in sideways market.


Dollar-cost-averaging bot to prevent the possible losses with lump sum order. Specify the time horizon and quantity, and DCA Bot split your order according to your specifications.

Portfolio Balancer

Specify the requested ratio of the assets in your portfolio and the bot rebalance them in predetermined time intervals.

Backtesting Module

Want to use DCA Bot or Portfolio Balancer but do not know which configuration to set up? Do not worry. Test with past data and see the results.

Fast, Secure, Reliable.


Your safety is our priority. We do not accept API Keys that allow withdrawals of your funds.


Rest assured with our advanced security measures. Your data and transactions are encrypted and protected.

Legal and Ethical

We adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards. Trust us for a transparent and ethical partnership.

Lightning Fast

Experience lightning-fast performance. We provide lightning-fast execution of orders on a 24/7 basis, allowing you to capitalize on market opportunities quickly and efficiently.


Annual (25% Discount)

  • 1 Indicator Order
  • 5 Smart Orders
  • 3 Grid Bots
  • 10 DCA Bots
  • Portfolio Balancer

  • 5 Indicator Bots
  • 10 Indicator Orders
  • 25 Smart Orders
  • 10 Grid Bots
  • 50 DCA Bots
  • Portfolio Balancer

  • 50 Indicator Bots
  • 50 Indicator Orders
  • 100 Smart Orders
  • 50 Grid Bots
  • 100 DCA Bots
  • Portfolio Balancer
  • Start 7-Day Free Trial

    *No Credit Card Required

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, our offering is a software application designed to automate your cryptocurrency trading activities. We neither hold any cryptocurrency nor have access to your funds except trading.
    No, rbitbot only accepts API keys whose withdraw permission is not granted. Therefore, rbitbot is not able to transfer your funds anywhere, and the bots are not capable of withdrawing them.
    Yes, users can whitelist this IP address and restrict any trading activity occurring on any other address.
    All information transmitted to our servers is encrypted using 2048-bit standard protocols and stored on secure servers. Advanced hashing and encryption algorithms are used for storing user credentials.
    Currently only Binance. We plan to add new exchanges according to users’ requests.
    Employing a cryptocurrency trading bot is the optimal approach for trading crypto if your intentions extend beyond mere buying and holding. The bots function continuously, allowing for the implementation of your strategy 24/7, thereby liberating you from the necessity of being anchored to a computer for manual command entry.
    No. Trading bots have the potential to generate profits when appropriately configured with a trading strategy that aligns with current market conditions.
    No. Never.
    No, rbitbot supports only spot markets.
    No. Once your exchange account is linked to rbitbot, you can configure your indicator bot/order directly within rbitbot without the need for registration or signing in to any other platform.

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